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I. Principles of Unit.

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Documents approved by consensus on June 12th, 2003.

I. Principles of Unit.

A. The CMI -CR ó Costa Rica Indymedia, declares: to be in accordance with the principles of unit of the Global Network of CMIs, based on the voluntary work. Therefore it remains excluded any lucrative activity that pursue the personal benefit, in any of the mercantilists terms of the today's way; among, by and for the collective or each one of its members, without any exception. Which one just could hinder the work that with altruism we want to carry out, by virtue of the free information that to the interior of our country will offer all those citizens interested in collaborating with this international project, known as CMI - CR.

B. By approval of its members the CMI - CR is constituted, as a not hierarchical, democratic, and open organization among whose objectives is to meet and to transmit voluntarily national and international information, considered of vital importance for the human development; by means of the searching and creation of alternative information forms in the network and at the same time to offer spaces for the exchange of information among the citizens of our country and all the world.

C. The CMI CR is organized and directed through the convocatory to open meetings, so much presencial as virtual meetings, in which all the participants enjoy equal rights and opportunities to be to listen and to influence in the collective decisions following a deliberative and consensual model. The collective will be conformed per person that declare its interest and motivation to participate actively and with regularity in the tasks and in the meetings of the CMI - PR.

D. The CMI CR is based on the fact that the democratization of the information and the access to the internet is a vehicle that contributes to the formation and education of the citizen in each one of its corresponding levels of development, acquiescence and civil expression. From there, comes the need for the citizen integration for the popularization, proffessionalization and the improvement of the investigative and informative quality of the alternative services, that we can offer to the public, with the decisive support of all those national and international agencies, social or individuals compromised with these principles, that contribute for the social change toward a global society free from the racism, the sexism, the imperialism, the fundamentalism, the homophobia, the authoritarianism, fascism, the militarism and the lie; which deny, historic and practically, ours ideals of justice and social change for a more free, just, democratic and participative society.

E. The collective CMI -CR operates as a pluralist framework and under it does not fit any kind of reason, sexual preference, ethnic group, economic and social class, age, physical or sensory limitation discrimination. The CMI - CR is open to all the people from all the religious and political sides, in the meantime they do not deny the basic postulates in favour of the social change, outlined in the prior points.

F. The CMI-CR will not serve under any circumstance as middle of level propagandistic of religion or political party some, although in its individual character its members have the liberty to create or to maintain religious and political bonds.

G. Due to the recent events to global scale and to the existing repressive forces in our company, whose objective is to impede the economic, political, and social change of the global village; that be directed to the obtaining of a world order that practice an ethics of justice and coherence of the distributive sense of the wealth contributed by all the members of the world community; is in this fundamental principle of Human solidarity; in which ours is based model to contribute and democratization of the half informative one to and of: the different social strata of Costa Rica.

H. Proper al systematic increment of repression in our country, against the civil liberty of expression and intensified with the murder of the national journalist Parmenio Medina Pérez; which still remains in the impunity, as comes being usual, in this country; since 1948, irrefutable fact that the Costa Rican history, thus confirms it; the CMI CR compromises has to take into account and to respect the decision of its members that Or other reasons, they express the desire to remain anonymous or to use pseudonymous, doing everything that this to ours reach to protect the identity by personal motives of security of each one of them.

I. It is to owe of the CMI CR, as organization that is simultaneously local and global, the to watch for their growth to national level, by means of the disclosure of our work for the creation of NEW CMIs in the different regions of Costa Rica; which they will be constituted like constituent and autonomous parts, in equality of rights and opportunities, for each one of their members, in this project. Besides collaborating to level of the Caribbean and Central American region; with the other, CMIs already existing throughout Latin America; we propose us to stimulate and to favour the creation of many other new CMI's.

J. Similarly, the CMI CR has the responsibility and the right to participate, according to its possibilities; in all those discussions and activities of the Global Network of CMIs; Al same time to collaborate of multiple forms in the reproduction and growth of this project communicational to planetary level. Some of these forms will be for each one of its members, through the learning and the development of abilities, knowledge and the control of the last advances in the new technologies communicational, in the free access to the network and the implementation of the politics of liberalization of the software; as well as that of providing the social, human resources and on the order of the economic donation.

K. We believe in the collective processes of intelligence to global and local level. Therefore we promote the use of practices and open technologies to the participation citizen (as it are the codes of programming (open sources) and the open mechanisms of publication).


A. The Independent Centre of Media of Costa Rica is a collective one without end of gain that is bases on the principles of decentralization and to create new opening forms and spaces for the exchange of information among the citizens of our country and the remainder of the world, whose objectives among others are: to meet voluntarily information of vital importance for the search and the peaceful solution of the social problems; that An intention and commitment with the peace and the good quality investigative, as well as for the exchange communicational inside the global village of the internet and consequent disclosure, according to each one of the social needs.

B. To collect and to transmit the to feel of the labour masses and the opinions of all those national and international leaders interested in doing of this planet, a better world for all and each one of its inhabitants. Taking mainly as guide the opinion and the to drive of the leaders and member communal, popular, union, working, rural, native, professional, students, technical, scientific, LGTB, elderly, children, young, ecologists, artisans, intellectual and other human groups of our America.

C. The CMI CR will arrange this resource for the disclosure of the social fights and will facilitate this service of information to all those national representatives that be willing to become accessible their opinion and participation citizen since a perspective anti globalization of the capitalism savage and supportive with all those that they be governed according to their conscience, in all the legal administrative and legal orders that competes them; as well as of those Exclude thus same, of the right to the free expression as free citizens and that al same time, have different opinion or do not agree to be governed by the official parameters of the power established; whether for motives of conscience or of political opinion and/or of diverse kind ethics or moral. Be, because do not be according to those structures to be able in which do not trust or because have doubts of the effectiveness and the reaches or governmental administrative bureaucratic reasoning.

D. The CMI CR himself will not be lent al amiguismo an objective or opportunistic that ties you with the principles of its mission. Neither will it exclude of an international context the fight by the solidarity with the poor, the weak and/or you needed of protection. Or some of the social, cultural, economic, and political components, that al same time conform the search of an egalitarian international identity among the Costa Rican.

E. We will extend our solidarity with all those projects that seek the human demand, the education and the scientific development of the humanity, through the religious and political pluralism, without the basic principles in favour of the social change they be denied and the democracy participative with greater justice and liberty.

F. It is ours objective to divulge notified information and of analysis that currently is ignored for the Corporate media of massive diffusion or presented of way slanted by the same.

G. We aspire to that can contribute to the individual or collective consultation with end of study inside a voluntary, democratic, and alternative spirit of the information.

H. We compromise to internationalize our fights and to nationalize the global fights, and we will endeavour in growing to Local level and to establish productive ties to international level, therefore the success of a project of this type Depends on the direct participation of the citizens.





Este anteproyecto fue creado y dado a conocer el día 21 de junio del 2003, por Efraín Valverde M. y Patricio Aguilar M. y ha sido presentado a diferentes compatriotas, con el propósito de motivar su implementación en Costa Rica.

A nosotros nos mueve únicamente el deseo de que sean las comunidades, por medio de sus líderes populares, los que se encarguen de darle forma definitiva a esta idea. Por lo que no pretendemos mercantilismo ni protagonismo alguno. Tienen la última palabra los interesados.

Será con la red de información alternativa, Indymedia, con quienes deberán coordinar, desde el principio, los requisitos formales de presentación del proyecto, así como todo lo demás, concerniente al mismo.

En el eventual caso de que un@ o vari@s visitantes a este sitio, sea motivad@ (s), por la lectura de los esquemas del anteproyecto CMI-CR, simplemente, diríjase o diríjanse, a la referida organización ( y no a nosotros.

Si independientemente de toda responsabilidad ligada con este anteproyecto, desea el visitante a la página, dirigirse a nosotros por la vía electrónica, estaremos satisfechos de responder cualquier otra inquietud.

Efraín Valverde M. y Patricio Aguilar M.

Latinoamérica sin Fronteras