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Membership Criteria accordance Costa Rican Independent Media Centre to the Global Network of CMI's.

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Membership Criteria accordance Costa Rican Independent Media Centre to the Global Network of CMI's.

(Submitted for approval on June 23, 2003.)

Each IMC and Global Working Group is expected to:

a. Agree in spirit to the NIMC Mission Statement and Principles of Unity, CMI (RCMI) and the principles of unit (point 3).

We agree with the objectives of the network CMIs and with the previously mentioned principles of unit in the point three of the network CMI (RCMI), and we do it evident in our own guides documents.

b. Have a collective capable one to maintain the functionality of the CMI.

We count on a collective initial, conscienticed, qualified technologically and motivated in the principles of the network CMI (RCMI), to carry ahead and to maintain the CMI CR, and with this technical and moral bases, we expect to continue our expansion and growth.

c. . To have open and public meetings (any organization will be able to have own ownership of the CMI).

The CMI - CR promotes in the practice and trough of it members and collaborators, monthly public and open meetings, in different points of the national territory, with the purpose to decentralize its functions; doing them in an extensive way and/or virtual, at the same time that reports, motivates and integrates to the greater number of people, without restriction of creed, race, colour, nationality, political thinking, sexual preference or social class, that have declared its interest actively, as part member and horizontal of the CMI - CR. To carry out public and open meetings in different places of Costa Rica, the members of the CMI - CR, following the criterion of its different representatives, as volunteers members, in the communities of the ones that are part, they will be reserved the right to organize their meetings and of electing where and when the same will be taking place, based, in the project objective needs.

Likewise, the totality of members of the CMI - CR, will maintain the philosophical and ethical principle, among the CMI - CR, to protect the anonymity of their members, that by social and individual motives of security, thus they declare it, in the different adequate channels, for this issue.

d.  To work in the creation of a statement of objectives or purposes.

We have concluded the document that establishes the Principles of Unit and Mission. The same one was discussed in several meetings and approved by consensus June 12, 2003.

e. To establish and to publish an editorial politics that a democratic process will be carried out by means of and with total transparency.

We have concluded an editorial politics that was discussed in several meetings and approved by consensus June 21, 2003.

f. Agree to the use of Open Publishing as described in the NIMC Editorial Policy [editorial collective comments: "We did agree that the term "Open Publishing" was one that is still being defined by the Global Network Collective, and we would wait and see what the results were before rewritings his criteria]

We agree to the use of Open Publishing, as clearly is stated on our editorial policy.

g. Adopt a decision-making policy that is in alignment with consensus principles which include open, transparent and egalitarian processes.

We operate in a non-hierarchical way, following a consensus model in our meetings.

h. Have a spokesperson(s) willing and capable of participating in the global decision-making process and meetings as a rotating liaison/representative, with a clear understanding of the responsibilities that come with this role.

At the moment we have two persons, fully conscious and with a clear knowledge, of what represent this role. It will be add other more in the proper moment; we are establishing gradual ties, with other CMIs.

i. Participate in the key IMC Network Communication Methods that pertain to the health and vitality of the Network and that contribute to the work of the IMC. Assure that at least one person from your local IMC participates at any given time on the IMC-Communications list.

We compromise ourselves to participate in the ready IMC communications and for that we will select volunteers that participate in a rotary way.

j. (NOT FINALIZED): Have no official affiliation with any political party, state or candidate for office (comments: but individual producers have freedom to do whatever they like and local IMCs can "feature" stories about different political parties and initiatives).

We agree with this point and emphases them in our principles of unit.

k. . IMCs shall in no way engage in commercial for-profit enterprises. [We could add: The IMCN is committed to the descommercialization of information and will be removed from any local IMC that decides to become a profit media corporation.]

We agree with this item and it is emphasized in our Principles of Unity

l. To carry out a local version of the logo of IMC for its website.

The same already is carried out and has been sent with the present documents as enclosed data.

m. M. To include in the place the list of countries and cities where exist IMCs, preferably in the central page.

We do agree.





Este anteproyecto fue creado y dado a conocer el día 21 de junio del 2003, por Efraín Valverde M. y Patricio Aguilar M. y ha sido presentado a diferentes compatriotas, con el propósito de motivar su implementación en Costa Rica.

A nosotros nos mueve únicamente el deseo de que sean las comunidades, por medio de sus líderes populares, los que se encarguen de darle forma definitiva a esta idea. Por lo que no pretendemos mercantilismo ni protagonismo alguno. Tienen la última palabra los interesados.

Será con la red de información alternativa, Indymedia, con quienes deberán coordinar, desde el principio, los requisitos formales de presentación del proyecto, así como todo lo demás, concerniente al mismo.

En el eventual caso de que un@ o vari@s visitantes a este sitio, sea motivad@ (s), por la lectura de los esquemas del anteproyecto CMI-CR, simplemente, diríjase o diríjanse, a la referida organización ( y no a nosotros.

Si independientemente de toda responsabilidad ligada con este anteproyecto, desea el visitante a la página, dirigirse a nosotros por la vía electrónica, estaremos satisfechos de responder cualquier otra inquietud.

Efraín Valverde M. y Patricio Aguilar M.

Latinoamérica sin Fronteras