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"Plan neutrals" against natives and journalists.

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"Plan neutrals" against natives and journalists.

Translated for A. VISUR by Latinoamérica sin Fronteras (*)

(Texto en español)

The severe critics to the farce that is staged in Santafé de Ralito, like the tangle of the law that looks for to institutionalise the paramilitarism as a political party, the failure of the military policy expressed in the disappointment of the "Patriotic Plan" as the uprisings of the United Nations and other international institutions, as well that Uribe admits the existence of the armed conflict and looks for political solutions, bound to what is called the indigenous problem in the war "... has taken to sectors of the call Civil Society and journalistic media that defend one such "neutrality" to denounce, to filter and to press with force to the regime, after that the surveys still slanted, leave in not good stands to the government before the manifest breach of his political authoritarian program in the economic, social, and specially the military...." All that bound to the failure of the Bush dynasty in the war against Iraq that squashes him in the surveys, has done that the deterioration and hecatomb of the militarist uribismo has begun long before of their panegyrics and flatterers foretold him. The temper tantrum and unexpected changes in the military cupola beyond of tangles of operational tactics and strategic displacement, obey to the resistance of old generals and colonels to accept the direction and the control of a thorough war, by a civil minister, a president and a vice-president ignorant of the military art, but with a political warfare and erratic tasting.

It is the summary of an extensive analysis of intelligence of the Pentagons commanders, of 7 folios, known in Miami by collaborators the Network Winds the South VISUR (Vientos del Sur VISUR) and that immediately afterwards draws up an urgent strategy for "stopping the backward movement" with the only one well-known formula to remedy situations, "when the war approaches a deadlock". With the disrepute that the national and international press comes doing of the paramilitary farce, where the government has given refugee and protects the big narcotics traffickers criminals and the failure of the democratic security of the government, the dispersed uribista and the breaking of those conversations can be accelerated leaving in leathers the president and doing to be in danger the re-election. All this component together with the guerrilla offensive that attacks in all the country, maintaining permanent combats up to three months in four zones of the country and that has put the numbers in more than 4,000 effectives of the FF.MM fallen troops and near 700 of the guerrilla in 2004. Definitive year for the Patriotic Plan; and several thousands in 4 months of the 2005, "made take measures with those sectors from the civil society" that call themselves neutrals, specially the called communities of Peace (Apartadó, Magdalena Medio, Chocó, el Sur, Llanos, Costas) the indigenous communities, like important influential journalists in the national life, the Andean Area the Caribbean and the south "that social, cultural and politically, serve the strategy of the subversion and neighbouring bolivarians projects" the idea is to repress them with concealed operations for to press them to define in favour of the governmental policy or a "true intellectual neutrality that prioritises the mobilization against the terrorist organizations in Colombia and its neighbours" the plan began in March with the communities of peace and some defenders of human rights simultaneously union leaders and was orchestrated in the politic by the vice-president and in the military by the second commander of the army.

Of another side the contradiction between the commanders thoroughly compromised with the paramilitarism and the drug traffic encouraged by the government and those that have not been impregnates of such corruption and that have pressed the combat of the troops to squadrons, that demand the disarm, judgment and extradition of the narcotics with crimes of lese humanity, that today are government in Ralito. The confrontations and combats between police and army, as so between special bodies anti kidnapping and advisers of the DEA with Forces contra guerilla, DAS and informants, "have not been mistaken nor accidental" but "the product of the improvisation, vendettas, the booties, the bids up for ascents and the same contradictions between the High Command, increased by the denunciations and lawsuits of the Colombian and North American militaries in the drug trafficking with paramilitaries.

It is also spoken of the surveys, supported by North American companies and foundations that receive foreign financing and of national companies where it had been discovered infiltration or direct handling of industrialists of the paramilitarism, that has been verified that they work with pre manufacture of the soundings, in the 5 cities where the great financial bourgeoisie and the foreign capital have fortified their structural nomenclature, anchoring the mega projects of vital geopolitical regions on which the paramilitary drug trafficking founded the new coordinates of dominion and where the Democratic Security of Uribe Velez is concentrated. "...The surveys are not made in the areas where the government has a 60% of refute and the sympathy for the guerrilla raises by conscious support or but by military pressure.... more than the half of the Colombians does not have access to a telephone, therefore do not figure in the directories from where the Gallup and others take the random samples and the questions are done in labour hours when workers, employees, students, professors, doctors, unemployed, displaced are not in their houses but working or looking for work or looking around for it. They are, in truth, the most of the Colombians. To measure the opinion of the governed by thousand or 1 500, in a country of 43 million is ridiculous...."

When "neutral" journalists, also some directors of big medias, and the more of foundations once advisers of the same government, see themselves hard questioned by an "opened public opinion", that sees and feels another thing, separate themselves every day more and begin to admit a crude reality, as it comes happening in the first months of the year, the alarm spreads in the political and military High Command. "... How long the military of the south and the center of the Americas, are going to resist the influence of badly Venezuelan example and of the demolishing wind of pseudo leftist projects and populists in Latin America...? Asks itself the info.análisis in mention...

The concealed operations, in the way of the north preventive war, or plans or operations with rare names, that it is not but that new development of the dirty war, were designed in the december meetings, specially on vacations and would has to begin simultaneously to the Final Offensive and thorough of the Patriotic Plan, that the president announced, talking and flirting with a beautiful and sexy sergeant of the Army, that confessed to have a course of special training in the United States on psychological war, from the paleolithic Hill of the Chiribiquete, (old narcotics trafficker emporium of Tranquilandia), for "... to go until the caves of the Farcs commanders, to capture alive or dead the members of the Secretariat." The final operation was delayed already, because the Plan had been contained by the fronts of the South and the valleys, the light tanks were immobilized, the losses were numerous and the lesmaniansis, the lack of water and the control of the guerrilla of the strategic areas, had stopped the offensive and the combats, "... many rebelled soldiers and middle commanders made strike and requested to be remove from this Hell" and many commanders did not have more remedy in the field that " pact truces of non aggression with the insurgents..." Meanwhile the re-election of Bush had swallowed the second part of the Colombia Plan and was necessary to wait for other congressional approvals. The money for gasoline, spare parts, and others only arrived in March, when the guerrilla had already taken the initiative and the counter-offensive felt in all the country. Again were bombed then false camps in small farmers (campesinos) regions and mountains left by the fronts. The troops did not advance but hold the confrontations in the same areas where they had penetrated the previous year.

The parallel concealed operations against organizations of civil populace with the infiltration of informants and militaries wearing civilian clothes in the peace communities, the projects of development for the peace, the indigenous defence, and the communication media. In all of these were soon discovered and rejected most of the times. The offensive followed in shamelessly form with the penetration of the contra guerrilla forces of task in communities as San José de Apartadó and the surroundings, where the army with paramilitary distintives made two massacres in little towns and indigenous villages of the Cauca, Nariño, Caquetá and valleys where were missing three natives, stopped 17 and assassinated 12 during two months. They settled police and army positions in the indigenous towns, in spite of being prohibited by the international conventions and the "laws for war times" and they settled control there, establishment of quotas, blockade and recruited informers from inside and outside the area that began to point to the neighbour. "It was there when the fronts of the FACR, "that have many farmers and natives contra attacked, even demonstrating to much strength in those zones with control and war of positions that still stay..."

The new dirty paramilitary plan of war that some call it ".... Neutral... definition" then went against the independent journalists more consequent in the denunciation and those of leftwing, indeed those that have moved more by the Humanitarian Interchange and possibilities of new peace dialogues. The new plan with the same methods of "threat, hides or kills" is in march with something so symptomatic as that between the more threatened are, already, two good journalists who are going to work with TELESUR, beginning with Willian Parra to which a concealed attack was done to him, (to see denounce) thing that the media have not said, but that are part of "...a big list of 17 important key personages in the actual crisis..." and local leaders not the less influential, all pertaining or supporters of the great democratic coalition, most of them of the Social and Political Front (Frente Social y Político), headed by Gloria Cuartas and Carlos Lozano.

Who have filtered the analysis-info, as the plan in itself, says not to provide a complete list, because it is known, that in most of the cases the paramilitary and the commanders do their mission. In any case would be good that many colleagues and people of the town took care of themselves for not to repeat bad experiences. The agreement of the Democratic Pole direction (Polo Democrático) with the uribismo for the re-election, as well the support of some prelates, is already a great gain of the regime in the definition of the neutrals, many of them defend that position.

Richard L. and Patrick G. are two consecrated investigators. They managed to have work as military correspondents for North Americans and European mass media in Central America and in the Middle East, until they were proposed to work for the Agency and they renounced. They had done good investigations on which they call "the cuban worms (gusanera) of Miami" and the investigation about the participation of the CIA and the Pentagon in the attack to the Towers in New York. A very dangerous work reason why they have been imprisoned twice. Richard was tortured when he was detained because he denounced tortures in the Gulf and in the own U.S.A. They are now working with a network of independent media, but they have many friends in organisms of the gringo power. For that reason like all the good journalists, they write with pseudonym. VISUR-ANDES.




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